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Rage Against The Cuisine

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Rage Against The Cuisine started in 2011 as a network of culinary renegades who believed that dadaist agit-haute, sexy food puns, and unreasonable recipes could all be stirred simultaneously in the same pot.

In 2012 Rage Against The Cuisine was published as an ebook. In 2013 the Pope resigned (believed to be a coincidence.) Look out for the better, faster, longer, pimped, and generally more meaty second edition in 2014. Together we can shake up the world. It'll make Gordon Ramsay look like Fanny Craddock.

Feel free to like facebook.com/ragecuisine, tweet @ragecuisine, or contribute to the blog - we can set this up so your post automatically appears on twitter with a link back to your recipe on the site. Nifty.

The facebook group is at facebook.com/groups/RageAgainstTheCuisine/ It's really angry, but in a polite way.

Any suggestions or comments can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.