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Crocked Pot

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I bought a slow cooker in the January sales. £20 from Asda. Used it once and although it was quite slow it worked ok and the food tasted masively better than usual. 

My learning point is that if there is food at the bottom of the pot which you can't get out with a ladel, just leave it. The crock pot was too hot to lift without using oven gloves and the coefficient of friction is insufficient to tilt the pot at such an angle that the rest of the food tips out without the crock pot flying onto the floor. The bad news is I got most of my dinner out beforehand.

Is this a conspiracy? Surely the manufacturers, Breville, know that this is bound to happen. I often rage against my dinner but this time I was ****ing furious.

Come on Breville, use rubber studded handles or at the least write a big warning on the box. It's like taking a corner at a velodrome on a greased bicycle, and waiting 8 hours for the privilege.

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