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The Korma Sutra

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The mystery of the East, mixed with the ready availability of supermarket curry. Who'd have thought it, the perfect romantic moment.

The recipe is as follows:

Buy a ready meal chicken korma. Take off the cardboard sheath, prong the film then microwave for 6 minutes at 850w.

Clean a plate. Serve the rice first and the korma then on top, presentation is everything with this particular dish.

Garnish with contraception. If you don't serve this dish often it's best to check the sell by date. It's wise not to buy this particular item reduced to clear.

Serve with a spinach side salad. Well it worked for Popeye.

 Rage Against The Cuisine Tip:

 There are approximately 64 variants of this dish but the mainly involve moving the rice around. See if you can find any more. Bon appetit.


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