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Graeme - “Well worth £7.99 of anybody’s hard earned. And that was just the pages you allowed me a sneak preview of.. You tight git ;-)”
Ellie  - “Your book rocks”
Peter - “Very original - personally not seen anything like it before which is always a good thing.
G Buchanan  - I never thought a cook book could be such fun and I've read a couple of Catherine's attempts..... no jokes there. D. A. Burt takes the dull cook book to a three Michelin star standard. This is writing of the highest order.
Daveyboy ... if Dave Burt doesn't make it as a chef then the future is bright as a comedy scriptwriter. I laughed so much I forgot I was hungry.
Whatacroque - As one who stares at the failed culinary creations night after night I feel more at home with this author than Nigella or Jamie. This is a witty antidote to the cupcake crazy cooking cacophony of chefs gracing your screens and bookcases night after night. Buy it!
Mrs Mac A surreal take on the cook book, unlike anything I've seen before. Really made me laugh. Very much worth downloading!
Glen Stanway -  I have to be honest and admit I am not the world's greatest cook. This book hasn't improved things, but it did make me, genuinely, "Laugh Out Loud"! I'm even tempted to have a go at a couple of the recipes. Mr Burt's humour is dry and his punnery highly amusing without being grown-worthy. A very funny and irreverent read whether you like food or not, it will leave you with a smile on your face!
A.E Irvine  - Buy this if you want something that'll make you laugh out loud, oh and there are some half-serious recipes if you're feeling brave. Well done to the author, or should I say 'nicely sautéed'...
Greg Bennet - In a perfect world, Mr Burt's take on all things culinary would be required reading... Hilarious! Buy it now, but do not under any circumstances eat the consequences...
ME  - One of the most entertaining reads I've had, a clever look at the culinary absurdity of modern food culture combining this with recipes, wit and an analytical look at why we eat certain foods. If youre looking for a Kindle book to entertain and wile away those hours getting to work on public transport, this is it! Rage Against the Cuisine is highly recommended!


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